Monday, October 25, 2010

Red Ribbon Week!

This week is devoted to showing our students how much it means to live a healthy, happy life away from drugs! We want all the success possibly for every child that walks through our door, and we want them to know that they can only reach their full potential by staying away from the things that will harm them.

Help us encourage our students to Say NO To Drugs by participating in the events of the week:

Monday- Wear jeans for "I'm a JEAN-ius; I'm Drug Free!"
Tuesday- Wear a hat for "Put a Cap on Drugs!"
Wednesday- Wear red for Red Ribbon Week!
Thursday- Wear crazy socks for "Sock it to Drugs!"
Friday- Wear a team shirt/jersey for "Team up Against Drugs!"

Let's make this a fun and meaningful Red Ribbon Week!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New 6 Weeks!

Can you believe the first 6 weeks is already over?! Times flies when you're having fun!! We have had a great time getting into the groove of our new class, and so many students have been so successful! Here are some reminders to help students achieve great things everyday:

1. The morning block of time before specials is dedicated to contract work. Students should be working hard to complete their individual contracts.
2. It is very important to stay on task and to remember the due dates of our assignments.
3. Please, please, please remind students to turn in their work.
4. It is important to be at school for the entire day, if you do need to pick up your child early, please let me know by writing a quick note in their planner.
5. If your child needs to change how they go home, please note that in their planner.
6. If students are falling behind in getting their work done, they need to come meet with me so we can discuss a way to extend the due date or find another time during the day to be able to complete the work.
7. Stay positive and check in with your children daily! :)

And, as always, please do not hesitate to call or email me! :)
Thanks for all you do!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Super-Hero Book Fair!

This week was a HUGE success!! With your help, we sold over $5,000!!! This was the biggest and best book fair Alta Vista has ever had! Thank you so much for all you did! On Monday we had a door decorating contest. A big congrats goes to Mrs. Bain, Mrs. Whiteley, Mrs. Howard, and Mrs. Fontenot's class. They won for their grade level! Great job guys!! On Tuesday, we said "Hi" to many of you at Open House. It was great to see you, and thanks for visiting the Book Fair while you were here. On Wednesday, we got to see many parents and grandparents at lunch! We couldn't believe how many people showed up on such short notice. It was a fantastic sight to see!! On Thursday, we got to meet a few community heros. We met a soldier and two EMS workers. A HUGE "Thank you" goes out to all of our community heroes- "Thank you for you've done and all you do!!" Friday was a super surprise for our students. Teachers were asked to dress up as heroes. Some dressed up as community heroes and some as super-heroes. Yours Truly (along with Mrs. Whiteley, Mrs. Howard, and Mrs. Glockzen) dressed up as "Super-Teachers") We had the whole get-up on, and I'm proud to say I taught the whole day in my costume! Here's a little glimpse of what I looked like (in case you didn't get to see me in the family parent pick-up line).

Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Fair!

This week is the week of the fabulous Book Fair! This is your child's chance to purchase that old time favorite or new and exciting read. The Book Fair has much more than books, too. They have posters, kits, pens, pencils, and other fun accessories! Every purchase helps our school raise money so that we can continue to get better and bigger things to help your child and make their learning experience extraordinary! If we reach our goal, we will get to slime Mrs. Hicks!! Let's start shopping!!! :)

Check out this link to get a closer look at some of the books you can find at the book fair: Reading Saves the Day!

Monday, September 6, 2010


We are looking for students showing off this month's character trait of Responsibility! Remind your children what it means to be responsible and ways to show off your responsiblity in your work, with friends, at school, and at home. If your child does something that shows great responsibility, leave a comment and let us know what they did! Having great character makes us great people! Show off that responsibility this month and for the rest of your life!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our First Week!!

Well we did it!! We finished our first week of school! :) It was a very successful week, too! We got to know our friends and learned how to start working together as a community. All scholars (students) have begun their contracts and are getting used to where everything is in the classroom.

Next week we have some great things in store for the class. Contracts will be on a roll, so scholars will be able to take charge of their learning! Our "Class Economy" system will be put into play as well. Scholars will start working a class job where they will get 'paid' at the end of the week. Extra work in the room, gets extra pay!! Something to look forward too!

Thank you to all the parents who stuck with us and helped make our new dismissal procedure safe and effective! We know that it was a big change, but your positivity and trust helped make it successful!

If you ever need anything, please feel free to contact me! If you would like to share your excitement for the school year, feel free to comment and share your enthusiasm.

Can't wait for next week!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Welcome to our class blog! I am so excited for this new year! We have so many great things planned for this year. As parents, you will have many opportunities to be involved in your child's education, as well as, be able to see them grow, learn, and lead! As students, you will be excelling past what you thought you could ever accomplish. You will be mentors, leaders, decision makers, and peace educators. This year our class will be a supportive and cooperative family striving for success! Our class is going to rock, our year is going to rock, and our school is going to rock!! :)